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Complete and submit easy, step-by-step, trading account opening(Individual,Joint Chama, Sacco and Company Account)

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Transfer Funds

Once your application for a trading account is approved, then transfer funds to your forex trading account.

Daily Reporting

Get daily reports on how your Investment is tracking and watch An expert trader manage your funds.

Flexible Investing

Increase your capital anytime and access your profits at regular intervals.

Pick the Best Fund Features

  • Setup fee-$150
  • Minimum Investment-$2000
  • Minimum Top-up-$500 and above
  • Redemption Fee-0%
  • Lock-In-Period for principal amount- 6 Months
  • Withdrawal of profits preferably quaterly
  • Annual Management Fee –3% (prorated daily over 365 days)
  • Performance Fee –33% of the profit
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  • Setup fee-$300
  • Minimum Investment - $10,000
  • Minimum Top-up-$1000 and above
  • Redemption Fee-0%
  • Lock-In-Period for principal amount- 6 Months
  • Withdrawal of profits preferably quaterly
  • Annual Management Fee –3% (prorated daily over 365 days)
  • Performance Fee –32% of the profit
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Forex Account Management Fast, Simple, Profitable and Transparent

In TRADE SENSE Ltd(Money Manager) we have decided to specialize in Forex Account Management for four reasons:

Profitable business and successful in the short, medium and long term. A proper management of the business model will allow us to offer a service that will help to consolidate the financial and economic development of our followers and partners, both individuals and companies, as well as generating a source for creating direct and indirect employment.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. We want to use compounding to grow our nest egg in a consistent manner. Compounding in our trading strategy is after every 6 months. Just as water and sunlight will grow a tree, fertilizer can take it to even greater heights.You can make better use of the magic of compounding if you will be reinvesting your returns every 6 months thus growing your starting capital every quarter. The difference between reinvesting the income from your investments and not over the long term can be enormous.

A few years ago it was a daunting task finding a linceced Forex Account Manager. Today thanks to technical solutions, Forex Account Management has become a service that can now be enjoyed by investors of all groups running different investment diversification.

Strategy Inception Date
1st July 2022
Average Annual Projections Net Return(Minus All Fees)
20 % - 25 %
Maximum Drawdown
- 25%
Funds Lock-in Period
6 Months

Multi-Account Manager or MAM is an integrated software tool designed account for fund managers allowing them to manage multiple accounts from a single one without the need to create an investment fund. This type of account offers an opportunity to raise the level of complexity and potential of short-term returns with an advantage to both investor and the manager of account. MAM accounts are designed for professionals and usually reserved for investors with a high-risk of tolerance, which requires a very deep understanding of the market and trading practice.

Multi Accounts allows configuration to the detail by using the percentage allocation method with the flexibility to adjust the risk of each sub-account based on the clients’ risk profiles and preference. Master Account execute and perform trading on all operating accounts with no limitation through large orders and speed.

Advantages of MAM :
  • This is the best option for investors with whatever skill level, involving complete beginners as well.
  • Inferior prices as the account manager are paid by the statements that are addressed.
  • The states are maintained by a reliable and professional manager, or it could be an algorithm as well.
  • In this, no trading information is needed as it is managed by an experienced dealer.
  • In a case, if no profits are made then no fees are subtracted.

Trade Sense Limited will provide investors with the opportunity to earn income without necessarily being experts on forex and CFD trading. Further, no one can withdraw funds other than the investor himself. The system we use is Ideal for inexperienced traders who lack knowledge about the market but want to trade safely. Also, operating your account under a Trade Sense Ltd (money manager) can help you defeat the emotional aspects of trading (risk, greed and emotions) and earn money in real time. Lastly, Trade Sense Ltd is Ideal for traders who do not have enough time to research proposed forex trades.

Forex Trade Copying Your Funds are Protected By a Compliant Infrastructure

All client are adviced to open Forex trading accounts with a Government regulatory body in Kenya under CMA.CMA requires the financial firms offering forex brokerage to meet strict capital requirements and to implement and comply with internal procedures including risk managent, staff training, accounting and audits.

When you choose a CMA Licenced forex broker, you sign up an account with them and your trading fund is deposited directly with that broker, under your name and held in trust at a Top Tier Bank. Client Money Segregation is a requirement from CMA which means that at all times Client Money is separate to the brokerage money.

At no point do we have the ability to access or transfer your funds without your permission. The advantage of this is in the rare possibility of brokerage firm insolvency. CMA will intervene during liquidation of the executing broker assets to assist in the returning of client's trading funds.

Risk Disclosure

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RISK STATEMENT:The trading of foreign currency, stocks,futures, commodities, index futures or any other securities has potential rewards and it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for everyone.Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent or professional financial advice.