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Why Trade Sense Ltd

TRADE SENSE Ltd was founded with one goal in mind: To provide investors with a diversification from the traditional securities such as Stocks and Bonds.

Regulated Money Manager and Forex Broker.

Your trading account is managed by a CMA regulated money manager.Your trading account is held by a CMA regulated Forex broker.

Segregated Client Funds

Client Money Segregation is a requirement from CMA, which means that at all times Client Money is separate to the brokerage money. The funds are also held in a Local Top Tier Bank

We are real people

We are located in CBD, Main office is at, Kenyatta Avenue JKUAT Towers, 17th floor. We are are available on the phone, email or live chat 24hrs per day.

Complete Transparency

The performance of TRADE SENSE Ltd is tracked and monitored in real-time via 3rd party auditing processes and all results verified by external auditors.

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About Us Trade Sense Investments

An Investment Team Founded On Core Principles

TRADE SENSE Ltd was founded with one goal in mind: To provide investors with a highly profitable diversification to their investments. Our vastly experienced head trader capitalizes on inefficiencies in the global currency market (Forex) to frequently capture profitable opportunities. Overtime, the accumulation of all this trades transacted results in our ability to outperform most other investment vehicles.

Most forex traders understand that in order to achieve higher than the average returns, we must aim trades with good risks reward ratios while keeping risk management at check. Having said that, when you decide to choose TRADE SENSE Ltd as your Forex Account Manager, you can be assured that the stability of your trading account is one of our primary concerns.

We operate under three key methodologies: complete transparency, highly experienced forex trader running his account from a forex broker regulated by a strict regulatory body

Strategy Inception Date
1st May 2022
Average Annual Projections Net Return(Minus All Fees)
20 % - 25 %
Funds Under Management
$ 500K
Active Clients

About Us

All forex trades generated by our trader is from a live forex trading account with his capital and the company's capital at stake

TRADE SENSE Ltd has significant capital at stake in addition to the funds following our forex trades.The trading system we have adopted has been developed for over 8+ years by the head trader and it’s our unique requirement that we remain vigilant and committed to providing quality trades while growing both our followers and our trading accounts over time.

We capitalise on currency movements within the world’s leading economies. Often opportunities last all but a few seconds.Under the direction,skill and talent of our head trader we are able to identify, capture and convert the opportunities consistently over the long term.

The trading system adopted by TRADE SENSE Ltd is revised after every week rigorously to ensure that trader's funds following our strategy receive quality trades. This has been a key factor into why we’re able to achieve consistent and above market returns since our inception.

About Us

Industry leading transparency: Know what is happening in your trading account at all times.

TRADE SENSE Ltd features a Myfxbook verified track record to give you comfort that we are who we say we are.

You can view the status of your trading account 24hrs a day through your smartphone and actually watch positions running live in the market. This is in addition to the daily activity statements that features all the trades that have been placed on your account in the previous 24hrs. This is emailed automatically to you at the end of each day by your forex broker.

About Us

Regulation: Your funds are segregated and held in trust at all times.

Your trading account is managed by TRADE SENSE LIMITED who is a Money Manger regulated and licenced by Capital Market Authority(CMA)

Your Forex trading funds are separately held in trust under your name at all times through your Forex broker. We don’t have access to your funds without permission and you remain in complete control of your investment at all times.

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Risk Disclosure

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